Thursday, August 8, 2019

Bucket List

I really don't have a bucket list.  I've never really thought about sitting down and making up such a list.  The term bucket list is interesting because of the natural reference to dying or to "kick the bucket".  One might naturally want to have done some things or set some goals before that day happens.  The movie with the same name starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman popularized the phrase and gave it some context.  Older people have been jumping out of airplanes ever since the movie came out... almost always with parachutes on.

If I were going to make such a list, I'd have to think about what things I might want to put on that list.  Right off the bat, one thing I'd put on that list is to play a round of golf at Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia.  When I really think about that, I realize that hope is beyond any bucket list request because I think a bucket list is supposed to have things on the list that you can actually do in reality.  Playing a round of golf where The Masters is played would be beyond my dreams.  So it will have to remain a dream.  Just like the Vikings winning the Super Bowl.  It happens only in my dreams.  

I imagine that seeing some parts of the world (and our country included) could be on that list.  Traveling and sightseeing sounds a bit more attainable than standing on the course that Bobby Jones built.  Places like London, Paris, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, and a few other locations appeal to my sense of curiosity.  I've been to a number of locations across the world that have been a complete joy to visit (Israel; Rome; New York City; Niagara Falls; Orlando; Calumet, Minnesota).  Certainly this item on a bucket list could be realistically attained.

I don't have any desire to do anything wild and crazy (like jumping out of an airplane strapped to someone's midsection and wondering why in the world I would ever do such a thing).  But I would include on that list learning how to play a guitar or learning how to play the piano.  At least, those things sound prettier and make me feel a lot safer than hurtling toward earth at breakneck speed.

I wouldn't mind hitting a hole-in-one.  Sometime.  Anytime.  At any course.  Anywhere.  With any club.  I'm about ready to settle for a mini-putt hole-in-one and call it good.

I thought about putting losing weight on the bucket list, but quickly realized that is already on my current to-do-list.  It wouldn't make any sense to transfer it to a list that I'm hoping to see happen when it is already on a list that I hope to see happen.

I were to distill it down to one thing that must be on my bucket list that I'd like to see before this journey of life ends it would have to be this: I really want to be the kind of person that God wants me to be - every day in every way.  Perhaps that sounds self righteous in some ways.  It really isn't meant to sound that way.  I just want to be the best that God is calling me to be.  

Wait, that's on my current to-do-list as well.  Shoot.  I'll have to keep thinking on it.  I'll get back to you on that.  

So, what would you include on your bucket list?

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  1. Nothing on mine that God has not already done for me except trying to make me a better person every day. But somehow I seem to fall short every day so I’ll keep that on my bucket list for a while knowing he’ll remind me every day.