Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Time After Time

For the past few weeks, I've been on vacation.  Nancy and I traveled to Gainesville, Virginia where we visited with our daughter and her family.  It was a great time to be together, but it also went by so fast.  Why does time seem to fly by so quickly, especially it seems, as one grows older?

I've heard it said that "time flies when you're having fun."  I used to work with a colleague who (whenever someone would say that phrase) would ask the question "do you know what the frogs say?"  Of course no one knows what frogs would say, so everyone says "No, what do the frogs say?" to which my colleague says "Time's fun when you're having flies".  I never realized that this saying came from that well known entertainer Kermit the Frog.  Hmmmm.  It's also never easy being green.

But time does seem to escape us, especially when we are least expecting it to.  For example, when we are waiting for something or someone, it seems like forever and a day until that moment happens or that person arrives.  The anticipation creates a sense of time slowing down.  We cannot wait and as a result, time seems to stand still.  But once that person arrives or the something happens, it's over in a flash.  Where did the time go? we wonder.  Well, the anticipation is over, so now we resume normal time and in the excitement of the moment and compared to the waiting, time seems to fly right by.  Ask yourself - isn't this true in my life?

So the relative question to address our human condition is this "What are we planning to do with the time that we have, no matter how quickly it goes by or how slowly it drags on?"  Andy Stanley has a terrific series on time - here is the intro to that series.  It's about 38 minutes and it is a fascinating look at time and what we are called to do with time. 

Watch it - if you can take the time to do so.  We'll continue the conversation - next time...

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