Sunday, February 21, 2016


Earlier this morning, our church members listened to people telling their stories of change and transformation.  The Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge Choir came to First UMC in Worthington and with the Emmanuel UMC and some other members of the community, we heard this group of folks talk about the struggle to overcome addictions and pain and abuse and darkened lives.  It was a phenomenal 45 minutes.  After it was over, the choir sat with people from Worthington and ate dinner with them, continuing the conversation about how this program is helping them to save their life.

I'm not sure that I can always know exactly what these folks are going through, only because my experience of transformation doesn't sound as traumatic as theirs does. Maybe I'm missing a point here on what transformation really is.  Perhaps not so much of where one has been but where one is going... who one has been but who one is becoming.  In that I can see how I've changed dramatically in the past 30 years or so - from being focused on self to fixing my gaze on others.  From living apart from growing in faith to being strengthened daily by God's Word.  In these things, I have changed - been transformed from the person I used to be.  

The folks in this program demonstrate very clearly how blessed we are when we realize that the author of our lives can help us be transformed into people who know they are worthy, loved, cared for, and blessed.  

Check out their stories here and perhaps you will feel that blessing.

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