Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Chosen

It's been "another" long time since I have written anything about anything.  Truth be told, I've been a bit preoccupied, working on planning for retirement next year.  More on that at another time.  I felt compelled to sit down and write something about the streaming series that I have been watching.  You may have watched it as well.  It's called "The Chosen".  You can watch it free on this link

One promo says this about this acclaimed series about Jesus and his disciples: "A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt, a troubled woman wrestling with real demons.  A gifted publican ostracized by his family and his people.  A religious leader struggling with his beliefs.  See Jesus through the eyes of those that met him."  I'm not certain that this description does the series justice.

I have watched the first season (of three), and it has been very inspirational.  Does it take some liberties with respect to character development?  I should hope so.  Watching how Peter's life is depicted makes perfect sense for the accounts we read about him in the New Testament.  Nicodemus is shown as a teacher who truly desires to learn more about God's love for humankind.   Matthew's background as a quirky tax collector is refreshing to watch.  

The flashback moments revisit important moments that speak to what was happening in that current day: Jesus' teaching in the temple at age 12; Moses making the bronze serpent to save the people from snake bites; Jacob digging the well.  It's a refreshing look at the old, old story that we have come to know so well.  Perhaps too well.  It's a joy to have your heart opened once again to the stories we have grown up with as a young child.

Sometimes I am too slow out of the gate.  I know people have mentioned this series to me in the past.  I would politely nod and move on with life, not taking their encouragement to watch this series to heart.  I am grateful that I didn't wait too long.  I recommend it to you.  Don't procrastinate like I did.  This is one series that is worth the time it takes to sit down and watch it!  Trust me - you'll be glad you did!

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