Thursday, January 28, 2016

Proverbs: Day 28 - Absolute Power - [Chapter 28]

Solomon doesn't mince any words when he speaks of those who are rich or in power.  In fact, I need to be careful not to read so much into his wisdom sayings that speak in negative terms toward these persons that he believes those who are rich or in power will never amount to anything.  I don't believe that is his intention.  He does focus on a negative behavior pattern that can accompany the accumulation of wealth and power. 

Most of his sayings reflect on the dangers of taking advantage of the poor and those who are powerless.  What I don't hear as much are those rulers and persons in power who share their blessings or walk in right paths, even though they may have great power.  I actually do believe people can demonstrate those qualities even though they may have abundance.

It's easy for us to resonate with Solomon because we hear so much bad press for those who have and abuse power (rightfully so).  I've always been a glass-half-full kind of guy.  I look for the positives in these kinds of situations.  Sometimes that might be hard to find. I know that having money can change a person (although I can't speak from personal experience because of my own financial condition).  But it shouldn't disqualify someone from being able to be nice just because they have money.  

The same should be true for persons in positions of power.  It all depends on how one uses his or her influence or position - for good or for bad?  

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