Sunday, January 31, 2016

Proverbs: Day 31 - Things Your Mother Taught You - [Chapter 31]

You might think that Solomon would save the best for last... that this final chapter would include the best and wisest sayings that he could offer.  Instead, we get the sayings of someone named King Lemuel (and actually not even that because these are the things that Lemuel's mother taught him.  Now, I'm not suggesting that there isn't anything significant or important about this chapter.  Lemuel's mother offers sound wisdom on how to live one's life - with respect, integrity, and staying away from wild women.  

I'm not certain if verses 10-31 are from Lemuel, his mother or Solomon.  Nevertheless, the entire section is about a wife of noble character.  Whoever is writing this has set the bar high.  It describes a wife who is always looking to bring good to her husband, working hard at providing food for her family, planning and investing in her family's resources, reaching out to the needy, making clothes, and having the ability to speak with wisdom.  

When I mentioned that whoever was writing this set the bar high, I really mean that the bar is set high for women, with no mention of the expectations for a husband.  I've mentioned this in a article before this one that we have to remember the time in which these words were written.   Women were considered lower class people with specific roles to perform.  Men had expectations - just different ones.  There are places in scripture which speak of the roles and responsibilities for men as well as women.  So before I get out there too much, I must remember that as well.

I believe it's important to consider how all of us fill certain roles and responsibilities with care, respect, integrity and love for one another.  

Perhaps that wisdom came from my mother as well...

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